World of Tanks: 1.0 Update Review

New graphics, new music, new Garage, and thirty maps.
The only thing that remains unchanged is the minimum system requirements.

Graphics Settings:

Watch the update 1.0 review for more details.



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  • Mark G

    What's up with WoT? Waiting for a match to start. It's like Match Maker has no clue what it's doing. Here's an idea, you idiot game designers. Match has all the same tier tanks in it. Simple, hey, you retards!

  • Elias Escobar

    When its comeing out for xbox one x

  • Ewerton Gomes

    ateh dias atras o jogo rodava de boa, com os novos graficos, mas agora ele ta travando,isso ta certo?essa wargaming ta foda, melhor joga outros online, pq faz graficos que poucos pcs suportam, por isso que batleground ta fazendo sucesso, simples, facil e acessicivel para todos, o player nao precisa restruturar todo seu pc, qnd lançam uma nova atualizção

  • Diego Alejandro Bernal Forero

    what happened to pilsen?

  • algis

    2:53 That stadium reminds me of Pripyat, those buildings too

  • MLGdorito 8

    Hey who is at the door?Its WT project X!!!!!!

  • kirill il'inskiy

    Yet the game worldoftanks not Russian is not American but common for all countries biach

  • Mhd HasifNaily Mhd Hanapiah

    nice job wg engine

  • Tingala_01

    asphalt 9 has same graphics and it is a mobile game

  • Kevin TheGamer162015

    Come this to the consel to?

  • Ivo k

    How did i get here? I dont even know this game. Well graphics look dope where i can buy it? How much is it? 40$? 50$

  • Maurice 1337

    WoT need a Frostbite engine !

  • Petr Volek

    wow this graph is good!

  • นานาดี ทองมา

    เน็ต100/30 mbpsเล่นเกมส์นี้ได้ไม่ครับ

  • Breeze

    when it comes to ps4 edition?

  • Cael Shannon

    What about premium ammo? Need to rework that. It kinda of makes armor angling etc. A moot point. Might as well drive light tanks with how effective the armor is vs the premium ammo.

  • 1421 ERFB

    watching this video in 144p

  • Goratchthemule

    If I would like to play the game in Ultra 1080P 144hz Monitor (do I need 144fps?) What rig would I need then?

  • Im Gay

    Why does my Tier VIII tank always gets -10,000 money?!?!

  • cool boi 72

    I still have L-60 :)

  • exterminater MK1

    U better fix blitzes servers u SERBS there is not even a blog about adding THE PHILLIPINE SERVER


    did you guys also fix premium tanks?

  • Lance Louez

    WOT My favorate game! Have been playing for 6 years! game never gets old! games are intense gets my heart beating and magic words are plentiful if I end up a dead!

  • Cxghhi Vcccvhy


  • Ayoub Abbas

    i hope wot will back i forget u the funy days in 2013/2014/2015 the wot now was got good grafique and much players but the old player know what i meen

  • 5lav

    Aw sometimes I hate this game and stop playing for a year but also coming back every time, it's f2p done perfect with a great Dev

  • TheGU Duff

    I Love WORLD OF TANKS ,,,,,,,,great game for me.

  • Sean Tombaugh

    is this blitz too lol this will never happen in blitz

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