World of Tanks - Czech This Out

And those Czech puns just keep coming. Here, Czech out this Czechoslovakian tank preview from the 9.13 test server and have yourselves a great weekend.

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  • duffbowl

    Try the SEA server... I've had more than one game in middle tiers on Karelia where the entire team has headed down one side.

  • CaptainRadish

    Strange, I've never been/seen teamkill in test server...

  • Tektzby

    The reason for cheap (unified) light armored vehicle with good cannon and manageable mobility was adopted by czech army as best trade for their armored warfare strategy.Because that most of the tanks of czechoslovakia and even now in czech (or slovakia) period uses hull-down strategy, where tanks hull is hidden behind horizont or tank is in tank-trench camouflaged by branches and bushes.Czechs (and Czechoslovakians in the past) confirmed this kind of warfare strategy as most usefull as for their biotopes and for applicability for fast changes of locations.

  • Hoshimaru57

    24:50 Thank you. I paused and had to check.

  • onecheezymofo91

    r there soviet tanks or more german?

  • Krzysztof B.

    Really funny thing is, that Czechoslovakia existed before and after WWII. As the matter of fact during WWII the countries separated - Slovakia cooperated with Nazis while Czech Republic remained a territory ruled by Germans. Therefore these are check-them-Czech-tanks allright. IDK if someone mentioned it before me... ;P Great channel BTW, I love your english accent, is it genuine? :)

  • Robert Bruce

    That's why I fire none gold rounds on a test server...

  • angelowl89

    Perhaps they should disable premium ammo at the test servers?

  • Zachary Marshall

    was having a bit of a rough day, watch this video (yes im behind).45:20 rolls up, instantly forget about all the woes of the day and burst into laughter.thank you Jingles, thank you

  • methanbreather

    well, I have driven them all by now. The T-50 is actually really nice and the TVP-50/51? awesome. The Tier 8 TVP on the other hand... words like 'piece of shit' or 'some of the most miserable moments while playing WoT' come to mind.

  • Josef Stalin

    the tier ten looks like the is3a from the back

  • Leon Felipe Banegas

    I envy your ability to laught at ANYTHING on WoT

  • danny rolefson

    "all he does is drive the tank, that lazy bastard" XD

  • Obersoldaten

    i know it's late, buth this tanks was Czech... slovakya was nazi shit

  • Michal Thim

    Is Czechoslovakian even a word? Afaik adjective form of Czechoslovakia is Czechoslovak, just sayin' :)

  • Justin Varadi

    the tittle of the video is offensive to my country

  • Ze Khong

    jingle is funny. If you want fun watch jingle.He is not unicron but I like to watch jingle's videos.

  • Hazard Helion3

    lol heard the email alert and checked my damn email then heard you say it was your email alert

  • Tate Aspen

    Are you using us ton or metric tonne? Because the Tiger I DID have a 13 PS/t ratio, and it could go 30mph. Then again these are medium tanks......but still.

  • Lews Therin Talamon

    People from Turkey never go Hungary.

  • demonic ginger

    i have been on a test server and i did not use gold and i was in deathstar anyway

  • Walter Soapcheck

    I miss the good ole days when fuck was said frequently and never censored.

  • Alucard Vigilate Dismas

    You won't believe what the enemy team does next; doctors hate them!

  • Maros Kozej

    Some one actually knows Slovakia is a separate state wow xD gg meaningless pints to you Jingles xD I give you all bunch of them

  • TheWuerstchenwasser

    You could aswell call them the chick tanks because they dont like taking hits

  • pshyis

    to be fair the panther 2 used to have a much better engine before they removed it.

  • Fala

    Damn Jingles, your e-mails always catch me by surprise.

  • Justin Kitch

    point and case russians are pricks. every time seriously.

  • Akrilloth

    I don't get why the russian scum on the test server always play the same fucking tank they would in the normal game, isn't the point of the test server to try out new features?

  • The Crazy Pineapple

    "German 88 gun which we don't see until tier 6" Actually, Jingles,, Toaster has both the short 88 (120+pen 200+dmg) and the long 88 (200+pen 200+dmg) on tier five....Jingles?BANG

  • angelowl89

    I just returned from a long time away from the game and had planned on using the female crew on an AMX 50 when I unlocked it but these new autoloaders keep being more interesting (and viable) than that old thing. Should I grind up the czechoslovakian tech tree or pick the AMX 50?

  • Autismo

    Not going to lie I'm starting to get sick of this "moronic" concept that anything below tier 5 or 7 is unplayable or just for noobs, I play this game for two reasons, I'm a fan of military engineering i.e. tanks and I enjoy playing world of tanks, if I want to roll around in a Pz 1C why am I suddenly being called a seal clubber, at least at lower tiers you can expect and deal with stupidity and when you're team is full of rtards you don't have to ask yourself why have you got a tier 10 and still suck, also jingles lost all of my faith when he slated the m3 lee which has the best gun of any medium for its own tier when you consider the dmg and rate of fire, point I'm trying to make is if you have a tier 10 or even all of them it doesn't mean you're a good player so don't judge people for playing whether tier they want.

  • Vilhelm

    You never seen a fight where 15 players went same side? it just happend to me 5 games in a row(with me being the exception in 3 of the cases) fucking lemmingtrains are going fasion in wot

  • Jack Wareham

    Tee hee, the tier 1 House-tank has boobs!

  • The Captain

    Complaining about no one pushing>Camping hard in the back.Push or shush, Jingles.Good try on the reset.

  • Joshua Smith

    the test server is just goldeen

  • Feies Vlad

    Hy , do you know when the next public test server would be live? For EU of course (I am from Romania). I asked on WOT facebook page but no response. Thank you in advance.

  • Will-I-Am-Not

    I have returned from the dark side of YouTube. cough cough I don't know how I made it. Don't venture there.its too dangerous. Don't...go... theeeerre dies

  • JavaBasher

    Surprised the Czech tank didn't offer another tank $5000 for sex

  • MOJO

    sometimes i just wanna hack jingles account hahaha!

  • Crinklekitty

    41:56 is so relatable. ^^;From time to time, I head down a flank, sees how almost no one is supporting the flank I drove to, and go "Nope. Not doing this."

  • jonas jansonas

    What pc are you using

  • Anacunda

    Dont mind me going on my way with this czech catipillar

  • Seattle Forge

    The good news is that the TVP VTU performs just as badly against AP. It's the first tier 8 I've ever NOPED after a short time and free XP'd through.

  • smutkovski

    +The Mighty Jingles You are right in Czech we like our girls, cars and TANKS with big ass :)

  • LKVideos

    Cheating basterds performed an "advanced" manouver XDNoobs: "Oh no! what shall we doooo !?"

  • Madden 2000

    If I were you I'd be like " team kill me and I'll sind my subs your name and get you reported bîtch:P

  • Joshua Smith

    test server all gold and wargaming really get ride of wft e100 the only tank that make it a test

  • zimba599

    Hahahaha.....Oh I just love your humour Jingles !!!!

  • Cloaker

    Slovakia?!?! Those were tanks made in Czech republic (where i live) and not in Slovakia!!!!!!

  • andrzej dd

    co za idioci na tym czeskim grze pierwsze atakuje a potem spierdala bo kolesi nie ma idiotyzm czeski idiots

  • Cloaker

    Slovakia tanks were shit!!!

  • Robi_CK

    I always wonder wth ppl drive E-100s etc. on test server. It's a TEST server - the purpose of a TEST is to check/evaluate NEW content, not the tank that is available in the game for like 6 years now... I think WG should really trim down test Server to only tanks that are added or changed in latest patch.

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