WAR THUNDERS BIGGEST PLANE - BV 238 - (War Thunder 1.63 Gameplay)

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WAR THUNDER BIGGEST PLANE - BV 238 - (War Thunder 1.63 Gameplay)

War Thunder 1.63 News - http://warthunder.com/en/news/?tags=Development
War Thunder Dev Notes - https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/330625-preliminary-update-notes-for-163-desert-hunters/

War Thunder 1.63 Dev Server Videos -
1. GEPARD, SHILKA & M163 Gameplay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVC9f_XZqU0
2. 800MM OF PEN - Leopard A1A1 & RakjPz 2 HOT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnguOOQpVIE

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K391 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLj-vovaGRs
  • Zukamime Rekatamekuchichi

    You know how to use 'Decimate', right?

  • Lion Gamer

    nice video its my first time at see your chanell and i just sub (sorry for my english i am portuguese)


    Your a Beast At this Game

  • A pi3c3 0f Trash

    I don't regret buying this

  • Damien Schafer

    What a meme plane, just got the 30% discount on a roll guess I'll try it out.

  • My Sick Plague

    It's useless..... They fucked it up.. Like they fuck everything up

  • Nukegames Gamekiller

    Here we see a German plane the Germans wonna become powerful but u.s. is

  • Oscar Neis

    Honestly phly’s best video

  • Red Jack43

    “Get fucked, John.” YEA, JOHN, GET FUCKED!

  • MrTwixplays

    The germans hat the biggest Things

  • Kerberos gaming

    Bv 238 war thunders ac-130

  • Schwarzer regen

    The escort is no doing their job to protect the bigger plane

  • Universal Joker

    This plane, represents Germany, Fat, Loaded with backgunners, has big guns, can swim (when needed) and Beer powered. Love your channel Phly, you made the sky into a no Phlyzone.

  • Unknown

    Whooooooooo! Makes barrel roll then spins out and crashesIf this happened that would be sad

  • Oscar Wu

    You talk too much. It really really annoying.

  • TopspeedFr3ak97

    I just played a match (realistic mode) and encountered this thing. We finished destroying all the enemy aircrafts and 3 of us remained but there was one player left on the other team who was using this plane. Had no idea of its existence either. We flew arround for 10 mins looking for this guy and we split up. So i flew to our base supicious that the guy may would try to bomb the airfield, i saw a dot, the weather conditions were horrible and it was all foggy, couldn't see shit, then I heard the really loud engine sounds on my side and this thing appeared from the mist. It was so epic yet so terrifing at the same time. The guy started to fire all of his stuff towards my little spitfire mk ii. With some manouvers and some well placed shots to the engines i managed to defeat it. It was so satisfying.

  • Tristen McNeil-Tews

    I wonder if me and my friend could take you down in that with our stock planes just the little ones the first ones you get without going down

  • Tym the Slav

    Holy shit this makes the H8K and Sunderland look tiny

  • Pixel CHRIS

    It's called war thunder

  • The Dark Artist

    And people wondered how Germany defended itself for like 2 years

  • Aviation&Gameplay 101

    Atleast War Thunder doesn't have "HP bars"

  • jenifer Empire dictator

    You know what i hire you too

  • ViD Friend

    i thought it was b-24

  • LPohneKev

    The plane can Landing on wather

  • Max Wieseler

    I love how he says oh my fucking gosh cause as we all know we aren’t allowed to say the lords name on vain

  • AVP Gaming

    Sunderland looks bigger

  • Ryan Neo

    he legit bombed a nimrod

  • Slavic Boy

    Lol german flying mg fortres has russian flag countermeasures 😂😂😂

  • Marcel Huchwajda

    I need this and the SMK for aesthetic reasons

  • Catlova Ftw

    That was Russian smoke bruh

  • Things That Are Fast

    I want to drop an Atomic bomb from a B-29.


    I remember when i was playing wt once and was shooting at a BV and was hitting the body for some reason thinking it would eventually die.

  • 3stan

    How can you look around the planeI can watch with U, but when i drop bombs the camera follows them if i hold U

  • Caleb Stewart

    Gump: dats ma boat!?!

  • Millermacs

    God bless those guys in the F1M2s, they are the life of this game.

  • ClassyMoose

    Your videos are the best.

  • TornadoMatty01

    I love test flying this plane, so epic

  • the boi

    Time to add the spruce goose

  • Cameron Burcham

    Love your vids with Baron von games

  • TNTTurtle Gaming

    At 3:45 he had an escort

  • RegTarg011

    New-ish player here.. so if I buy this plane, will I be able to use him in Arcade? Or dose he require some special map..?

  • Kenneth Berry

    tor is guarding you from japan air craft

  • Leonardo Abrinica

    Good game war thunder

  • VGames 1

    Such a cool plane, but a swift attack from below could wreck it easily.

  • Nick Angel


  • Gabriel Keefe

    I shot one down, and it was slowing down. Slam was painful

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