WAR THUNDERS BIGGEST PLANE - BV 238 - (War Thunder 1.63 Gameplay)

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WAR THUNDER BIGGEST PLANE - BV 238 - (War Thunder 1.63 Gameplay)

War Thunder 1.63 News - http://warthunder.com/en/news/?tags=Development
War Thunder Dev Notes - https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/330625-preliminary-update-notes-for-163-desert-hunters/

War Thunder 1.63 Dev Server Videos -
1. GEPARD, SHILKA & M163 Gameplay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVC9f_XZqU0
2. 800MM OF PEN - Leopard A1A1 & RakjPz 2 HOT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnguOOQpVIE

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K391 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLj-vovaGRs
  • Gaming Theft

    This makes no sense Germany vs Japan but I thought they were allies wtf


    Your a Beast At this Game

  • Michael Willhoit

    I wonder how much money you spent on that crapy game.

  • VGames 1

    Such a cool plane, but a swift attack from below could wreck it easily.

  • TornadoMatty01

    I love test flying this plane, so epic

  • Josh Parrick

    Is it possible to have teammates in the same plane as you? Like controlling weaponry while I fly?

  • Unknown

    Whooooooooo! Makes barrel roll then spins out and crashesIf this happened that would be sad

  • Devil's Island

    It's useless..... They fucked it up.. Like they fuck everything up

  • Coop Johnson

    BV238 should be the new flying fortress

  • Red Jack43

    “Get fucked, John.” YEA, JOHN, GET FUCKED!

  • Charles Krieg

    do smallest plane. plz

  • cactus

    I can't aim or fly so I use this so I just have to fly in a straight line and let the ai gunners do the job

  • SGT.Madness Gamekiller

    Here we see a German plane the Germans wonna become powerful but u.s. is

  • Stati Stati1

    Flyships battles... :-)

  • RedRaven

    When I play BV 238 in custom battle the jets always aim and kill me well I'm basicly a flying whale but it's sad that the jets are always aim and kill me

  • Millermacs

    God bless those guys in the F1M2s, they are the life of this game.

  • Nikita Khrushchev

    Honestly phly’s best video

  • Izy S

    You know, I watched this video before I knew what war thunder was, and it fascinated me, so I bought it. It’s fun coming back after a few years of playing

  • Random User

    I shot one down, and it was slowing down. Slam was painful

  • William Patterson

    Worst video ever in history

  • smurffi

    You need more that Flack 88 to take this down

  • dennis 212

    i am a new player should i start with the americans or the germans


    People are having big planes and am just about to start playing the game 😂😂 I wonder what am going to have

  • RegTarg011

    New-ish player here.. so if I buy this plane, will I be able to use him in Arcade? Or dose he require some special map..?

  • Deus vult We will take Jerusalem

    Dud Phil I was destroyed bye its I was being corky in my fully up greaded p-400 and one single bullet touches me and it just exploded

  • Preacher

    I thought my bomber plane is big but this BV 238 is a beast btw I'm new war thunder player 🙂

  • Damien Schafer

    What a meme plane, just got the 30% discount on a roll guess I'll try it out.

  • jefri mejia

    He wanted protection

  • Universal Joker

    This plane, represents Germany, Fat, Loaded with backgunners, has big guns, can swim (when needed) and Beer powered. Love your channel Phly, you made the sky into a no Phlyzone.

  • MrTwixplays

    The germans hat the biggest Things

  • Catlova Ftw

    That was Russian smoke bruh

  • PLC

    Why are the small planes so eager to protect the big plane? Is he coordinating with them, or are they just trying to keep it realistic?

  • TopspeedFr3ak97

    I just played a match (realistic mode) and encountered this thing. We finished destroying all the enemy aircrafts and 3 of us remained but there was one player left on the other team who was using this plane. Had no idea of its existence either. We flew arround for 10 mins looking for this guy and we split up. So i flew to our base supicious that the guy may would try to bomb the airfield, i saw a dot, the weather conditions were horrible and it was all foggy, couldn't see shit, then I heard the really loud engine sounds on my side and this thing appeared from the mist. It was so epic yet so terrifing at the same time. The guy started to fire all of his stuff towards my little spitfire mk ii. With some manouvers and some well placed shots to the engines i managed to defeat it. It was so satisfying.

  • Smile Love NL

    How do you do this... having that plain

  • ViD Friend

    i thought it was b-24

  • Prius facebook mom

    Time to add the spruce goose

  • Things That Are Fast

    I want to drop an Atomic bomb from a B-29.

  • Grimpsy

    music in 00:40 please ?

  • Aaron Zveiter

    The famous Pinãta on arcade.


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  • storm troopertv

    those fighters under your wings are good escorts

  • justsom memez

    You sound like a comander my dude

  • TNTTurtle Gaming

    At 3:45 he had an escort

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